Welcome to God Revelation

Mankind has been seeking to uncover the following mysteries:

  1. Does God exist?
  2. How did we come here & why are we here?
  3. Why life, suffering & death?
  4. Is there any an after life and how do we know it?

How would one know that God doesn't exist?

- We can’t see or touch God.

How did we come to know that we can’t see or touch God?

- With logic

Do one see or touch logic? - No

How do we know that our logic actually exists?...

Does it make sense that one should use logic which cannot be touched or seen, in order to determine something else which cannot also be touched or seen. Yet can one perceive logic? Indeed yes, for logic is the system or principles of reasoning applicable to any branch of knowledge or study.

Logic may reveal to any one, that if God does exist and that he created the universe, then God indeed is All-powerful and All-knowledgeable, and such attributes will reflect clearly in any revelation to his creation.

Whether that revelation is a road map that guides Mankind on how to live their earthly life or on how to attain salvation, then logic must be used in search for the true road map. For logic is the reason why we are human and not like any other creation.

In this site logic is used to uncover the mysteries of God  and his true road map to a healthy life on this earth and to what comes after death. For shocking breakthrough answers read Godrevelation.org